Management Consulting Tip: Really Unplug on Vacation

We live in a world where we’re expected to be available at all times for any reason. But taking a vacation is important for you to get the rejuvenation you desperately need. Here are three management tips to achieve a mostly unplugged vacation:

  • Completely unplug. Yes, it can be done. And the office won’t crumble without you. In fact, being away often allows others to step up, develop and learn how to solve problems. You can achieve this by going to a remote destination where you won’t get any cell phone coverage, or simply turn off your gadgets and commit to yourself and others that you’re unreachable.  Give your phone to a significant other to hold you accountable to your commitment to unplug.
  • Schedule plug-in times. If being unreachable is really not an option, at least put up boundaries around your available time. Choose a very specific time frame when you will be accessible and stick to it and take care of business only then.
  • Access and communicate via email.  Set aside a time during each day where you will spend 30 to 60 minutes emailing correspondence.  Emails can be short and succinct and communicate very effectively while letting your office know that you’re are still in the know.

Sticking to these simple ways to effectively unplug on your vacation will give you the boundaries necessary to really….vacation.

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