About Us


About Us

Now, more than ever, businesses are digging deep into their core to strategize in ways that will grow and sustain the enterprise.  Taking an enterprise to the next level is a real life leadership challenge.  We are all being forced to search for answers and to find new, creative ways to not only survive but thrive.


What you do as a leader during any challenging business cycle determines what your organization can achieve.  How you perceive yourself as a leader including your thoughts, actions and attitude will determine where your organization will go.  Have you taken the time to determine your organization’s core values?  What is your why?   The bottom line is…..does your business need to change?   We can help!

Ovation’s owner, Dan Rip, is a skilled business person with a broad professional background that spans over a period of 20 years with experience in creating small business and expanding into large, sustainable, award winning entities.  He is a serial entrepreneur with experience that includes ownership of a large, thriving real estate brokerage, property management firm, real estate development firm, a successful direct marketing organization, as well as a mortgage brokerage.  His technical skills include in depth property analysis, real estate development, business development, strategy, marketing, business and life coaching, training and sales.

Dan’s MBA helped him to refine his intellectual acuity as well as create exceptional analysis skills with an ability to pay attention to important details.  He has a proven track record to guide businesses through difficult market cycles.

Dan is a graduate of the SoulSalt Academy where he became a certified coach (SSCC) and has successfully completed professional mentoring, business coaching courses.

Dan enjoys spending his free time with his wife and four sons.  They enjoy any kind of outdoor adventure.  Dan also serves as the President of the Board of Directors for Wasatch Peak Academy, a K-6 charter school.

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